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A home is where an individual feels comfortable and secure thus, it is imperative that all factors concerning its stability and strength are catered to, while constructing one. The basic element on which the entire structure of the house is laid is its foundation. Therefore is very important that special emphasis is paid to the foundation of the house as it ensures that the stability is intact for years to come, be in any sort of grave weather conditions.

It is quite surprising to point out that these days people pay more emphasis to the interior rather than the exterior, however considering the unpredictable nature of calamities or structural damages or soil related issues; it is the exterior and most importantly the base or the foundation of a house that needs to be the strongest. When laying a foundation, one should put special emphasis on the requirement of the house and the factors that might affect it in the years to come. Based on the requirement, a foundation can be either shallow or deep. Furthermore, a strong foundation also help an individual to secure a higher value for the house in the market as houses with weak foundation are generally not certified as safe to live in by the authorities as well.

St. Paul Foundation Services is an organization that understands these issues quite closely and we are able to provide assistance in any concern arising related to the foundation of your home.  We not only assess but also offer repair and restoration solutions for foundation and basements which are corroded by factors related to soil like bad soil formation, flooding, water logging, low quality water proofing, erosion arising due to expansion and contraction of soil due to moisture or presence of excessive organic substance in the soil.

So hurry, contact us and put an end to your foundation/basement related woes!!



It is always better to work towards finding a solution to a problem from the moment you have discovered it. The rationale being the longer you ignore it, the longer it pesters you. Similarly, we advise our potential clients that a problem with your foundation or basement should be acted upon the moment you detect one, as it helps you nip the root cause of the problem in its nascent stage. Moreover, fixing a problem of this nature at the earliest possible is always better as is cost effective.

We understand that it is quite tedious to repair foundation related issues each year. This is where we step in. We promise to offer end-to-end solution to your woes and ensure our work lasts for longer. We cater to all kind of foundation/basement related issues most common being  crack repairs, leaks, flooding, leaning walls and the like.  The most common question that is asked by our clients is that whether their daily activities are some way responsible for such issues. Well, the answer is quite simple. Foundation/basement related issues occur most commonly due to soil and water conditions around your house or materials used during construction. Our team of expert engineers use the best and the most leading techniques to put a permanent end to such problems.

So why wait, give us a call or fix an appointment with our leading experts to get a consultation and get the best solution for your problems by the best foundation/basement repair company in St. Paul.



Basement is the most spacious areas in the entire house. Some people prefer to use it as a storing area for possessions which are used daily while some use it as a living area. But to have a water logging or a flooding issue or be it related to extreme moisture in the basement is dreadful. Basements receive the least amount or no light at not, therefore a moisture issue can be problematic as moisture spoils the things kept in such basements. It has been observed that the most common areas for moisture to accumulate are the cove joints in the wall, floor drains, cracked floors and windows or any other leakage causing agent. Therefore instead of wondering how to deal with these problems for a long time, go ahead and give us a call. We ensure that we send you a team of professional experts who examine the situation and the extent of the leakage and suggest measures in order to repair the same and prevent any such water related issues in the future. We also ensure that any mold or bacteria development because of such moisture retention is also dealt with; so that once the waterproofing is complete you can enjoy a clean, dry and germ free basement which is ready to use. We assure you that we utilize the best techniques to get rid of the moisture in your house basement.



Generally it has been observed that people use basements only for storing things that are not to be used on a daily basis. However, apart from being just a storage area, basements can prove to be a great space to build a gym, office, bedroom and the like. But the biggest constraint that comes up in the mind while doing so is that there may be regular moisture problems, dampness issues or maybe it can involve extra cost due to the amount of digging involved or measures to be taken to ensure dryness and leakage. This is where we come to your rescue. We provide the best basement finishing services in the entire St Paul. Our expert team ensures that once they are aware of the type of the requirement, we use the best resources in the industry to build a clean, dry, stable and strong basement which can be a ready to use space in the house.



The air quality which we breathe is as important as the strength of the house you live in. most of the times, we are unaware that the quality of air we breathe in our homes is not safe and is the leading cause for most of our health problems. One such gas which is most commonly found in majority of homes in the US is Radon. This gas is a highly radioactive gas that is a major cancer causing agent if inhaled once. Unlike any other gas leak, the most important thing about this gas is that it is invisible, tasteless and odorless. It basically forms in the natural rocks and gets easily mixed up in the air we breathe. Houses which are recently constructed or have been laid a few years ago should get a radon test done in order to ensure that the air you breathe is pure. Moreover, it should also be kept in mind that this gas mainly comes from your basements or any other cracked spaces.

Our company ensures that you fix an appointment and our specialist team will come to your place and test the quality of air to check the level of radon. If found, we provide end to end solutions by providing DIY kits and the like in order to mitigate the effect of this gas and ensure that your family is safe from such a harmful gas.

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