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Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing Services prides ourselves on simple, common-sense solutions for all things related to below-grade spaces. On the day that work is scheduled to be completed, we’ll send a full crew of basement experts to your home, who can complete most jobs in less than two days.

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Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing Services is your #1 Source for Foundation and Basement Waterproofing in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Our basement waterproofing specialists prevent water from penetrating your house or building using the latest techniques and materials. Our basement waterproofing process may require materials such as sealants, water barriers, drainage systems and sump pump. that is below ground level can require the application of sealant materials, the installation of drains and sump pumps, and more. We repair basement moisture problems caused by a poor soil and drainage system, basements cracks, poor waterproofing, and hydrostatic pressure.

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Being that basements are buried in the ground, basements need to be waterproofed to avoid moisture problems. Often difficult to discover, waterproofing issues are nevertheless repairable by our waterproofing professionals. If you’re located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities or nearby area we can help you overcome different waterproofing concerns like floor cracks, cove joint seepage, grading problems, sump pump, drain tile, tie, concrete foundation leaks, or humidity problems. All these problems can become a real problem in a basement or a basement converted into a living area. 

Not only do we adhere to the highest standards in the industry, but we also strive to be the industry leader in foundation repair and basement waterproofing. We also use advanced products and technology that the industry has to offer.

Some technical problems with basements made of concrete may present problems of moisture and water infiltration.

  • Old concrete is not always completely waterproof or external waterproofing is not sufficient.
  • Concrete may have localized defects such as cracks, tears, pebble nests …
  • or concrete may deteriorate due to corrosion of the steel.

The consequences

  • Resistance to the water passage of the walls against back pressure is not always sufficient, especially in the case of temporary water supply
  • Inner surfaces become wet, coatings degrade and the appearance of salts is favored
  • To eliminate these consequences, treatment from the inside is necessary

The use of a sealant could be applied with the use of a waterproof mortar which will function to waterproof the walls. Sometimes to seal the walls it is going to be essential to inject a product selected based on the sort of wall (brick, stone, concrete, etc.). The coating is perfect for garages, cellars, basements but also for industrial buildings. In the event of a hollow wall or several singular points (cracks), the coat will be the ideal solution, to get a good rock wall, the alternative of this injection is the most favorable.

Waterproofing procedure for buried components.

Before injecting anything, the walls will need to be stripped and cleaned thoroughly. The item is injected on the natural surface (the first one), we eliminate all of the endings and the wall. That’s to say that we dry the support to free any hint of humidity and is finalized by treating the mineral salts present. The sealant is then applied to the surface. It’s easy to use, is odorless, flammable and respects the environment.

Regardless of the cause of the problem, it needs to get taken care of immediately before the water issue gets worse. If your basement is wet and you’re in need of a reliable waterproofing system, contact our professionls for a free consultation and estimate on how to best waterproof your basement.


Elenor, St. Paul MN

I live in a old house in St. Paul that had cracks in the basement and was leaking water. For years I couldn’t make use of my basements full potential because of water leaking in. I called Minneapolis Foundation Services for help. The contractor skillfully fixed the cracks and waterproofed the basement of my home.

Brian , S Minneapolis MN

I cant thank the engineer enough and your team was very professional. My store is in great shape after the successful lift on the damaged corner of the building.

Joshua , Bloomington MN

I called Minneapolis Foundation Service to price out a basement waterproofing project. They were so professional and easy to work with, I had to hire them for the basement remodeling job as well. Im very happy with their services.

Basement Waterproofing in Minnesota

3 effective basement waterproofing systems

Since the basement is completely or partly under the floor, it goes without saying that moisture problems can happen. Based upon your own personal wishes and the seriousness of the issue, you can waterproof the basement in various ways. Below you will find a summary of the most used solutions and their indicative cost.

METHOD 1: Make the basement waterproof with a rigid casing

This system is most frequently applied and is among the most economical ways to create the cellar dry. The principle is rather simple: all walls and floors closed with a sort of waterproof paste. So as to be sure of a perfect seal, we use the following step strategy:

Stepped frame plan

The walls are completely checked against cracks and holes. Everything is made free of dust and coated with waterproof cement. To be able to stop the filling way from narrowing, the big holes are filled in various times.

To be able to plaster the walls, use is made of a waterproof adhesive. Generally, a primer is set for the optimum suture. The walls are coated 2-3 times for a perfect outcome. When basement walls are prepared, we could also attack the basement floor. If you wish to complete then the soil additionally, you may select a polyurethane coating that’s available in many colors.

To execute formwork? Ask for a free consultation without commitment our basement waterproofing Minneapolis quote form.

METHOD 2: Adaptive formwork

With this process, we utilize a flexible film that’s glued against the flooring and walls. Then, we construct a new wall against the movie and the basement floor is poured with an iron armament. This method of working is pretty extreme, but the best solution is when the basement is in a poor state. The result is an ideal waterproof cellar that’s acceptable for all types of purposes.
Curious about the tailor-made of your dwelling? Ask for prices.

METHOD 3: Drainage

Are you looking for a rather economical solution? So you can work with a drainage system. You can do so by running the dirt to a point and set a water pump. After the pump finds the water, it is going to take effect and push the water outward. Attempt to provide enough ventilation, so the walls may still dry nicely. Making the basement watertight without moisture isn’t possible with this system of work. There are other methods for basement waterproofing  but these are the most common in Minnesota.

So as to be certain of a perfect sealing and guarantee of tightness, it’s much better to call a professional waterproofing company in Minneapolis MN. Now take advantage of our online quote service and compare prices, proposals and methods of work of different opponents of moisture at no cost. You find more information on this page.

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