Top Experts Answer Common Questions about Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

Does your foundation need repair or are you looking to get basement waterproofing done? You may have a lot of questions throughout this process. Experts in this area are here to answer all of your important questions on these topics. Mark Harmon of Service Restorations, LLC., Everett Floyd of Floyd & Sons Home Restorations, and Marvin Hudson of AAA Concreting have come together to answer your common questions.


How can I tell if there are problems with my foundation?

“There are a few indications of structural problems that you may notice including cracks in the exterior brickwork on you home, crooked doorways, leaning fireplaces, and uneven floors. These are only a few of the signs you can watch out for. If you are worried about this, you should contact a professional. They can let you know what to look for and come out to see if you have any problems”, says Marvin Hudson.


Do I need to repair my foundation? 

“Well, the answer here is simple: anything is only as strong as its foundation. The same applies to your home. If there are any problems with your foundation and these are left untreated, it can cause structural damage to your home that may make it unsafe to live in. If you have problems, these need to be fixed right away”, says Jason at

Credit to AAA Concreting, a national network of concrete contractors.


If there’s a problem with part of the foundation, do I need to fix the entire foundation?

“That depends on the damage to the foundation. Typically we only need to fix the damaged area of the foundation. However, if there is a problem that could affect the entire foundation, this will need to be addressed sooner rather than later”, says Everett Floyd.

My basement walls are cracked and leaning in, is replacement my only option?

Mark Hamon, Specialist at Edmonton foundation repair company says “A new wood basement can be built inside the old one, with the void between the two filled with grout. This is definitely a compromise as you can lose four to six inches of space on each wall, but this method provides significant savings over replacement and is often the best option on properties with limited access and where cost is of primary concern”.

How is water getting into my basement?

Water can seep in from anything, from cracks in the foundation to basement windows. If there is an opportunity for water to get in, it will. Basement waterproofing is the best way to prevent this problem. A professional company will work with you to figure out the why so that they know how to waterproof your basement.


Are these repairs covered by my insurance?

Brant with A-Best Foundation Repair says, “To fix or repair your foundation generally not, unless the house is a brand-new construction under 10 years old. You should contact the builder about your issues. Otherwise, these repairs will come out of your pocket”.


What if utility lines are damaged during the repair?

“Unfortunately, things can and sometimes do go wrong. Companies do their due diligence to avoid these issues but sometimes things just happen. When that happens, they will work with homeowners to come to a reasonable resolution, though they are not typically on the hook for these repairs.


Will the repairs cost a fortune?

says Marvin Hudson.

“That all depends on the job. Every job is different, so getting a quote is your best option. They can let you know what needs to be done and what to expect for a price. Smaller jobs may only be around $2000, but this can go way up if there is a big job that needs to get done”,